Wednesday, November 12, 2008


For those of you like me until 4 days ago, who never knew what the K stands for in CMYK, it stands for 'Key.' Good to know. Beyond that, the 'key line' was printed with the black plate of the four printing plates, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and the Key plates. The key line is used to register or align all of the plates in 4 color printing. So so interesting. Now, onto color theory... I wish.

What I'm really sharing with the blog-o-sphere today is my current drawings. Slideshow below...

I'm starting this new drawing project based on the color and/or black & white test prints that printers make when you put in a new ink cartridge. I have 2 so far that I've collected out of inspiration, and now I want as many as I can find. I'm looking at these, inspired beyond my initial appreciation for the print by Mr. Michael Desbarres, as a kind of modern mark-making. Mark-making has become important to me because it is repetitive and thereby meditative in process. Meditation often moves beyond the internal thought process of repeating thought upon one idea and becomes an action (running can be viewed as meditation) and even a product (woven blankets, sand paintings, etc.). To go back to my requested printer tests, I'm viewing these as modern artifacts of manufactured mark-making. Sure, the machine is not meditating, but the product of the printer evokes meditative process. I'm using these printouts for my own work by enlarging and drawing (mark-making) the lines, bars, squares, etc. onto artist's grade paper.
Because I know you all use printers pretty frequently at home or at your offices, I hope you will think of me when you do a test print or see one in the recycle bin. Mail it to me (fold it up, no problem) so that I can use it!

My current address is:
12621 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd.
Scottsdale, AZ 12621

I'll be here until the middle of December and I'll try to update my address as we move along the countryside.


  1. hello! i'm not sure if you remember me but i'm one of the high school students from chicago who visited taliesin during the summer. i was going through the e-mail addresses i had from the mentors at taliesin and i realized your blog was on there. your work seems so interesting! i love your idea with the cartridge tester paper. the tester my printer prints has a bunch of translations and directions on it. it looks pretty cool, but good luck with your work!

    take care


  2. Hi Fariha,
    I hope you'll send that test print my way!
    Hope Chicago is treating you well and wishing you the best from Arizona.

  3. I clearly have to send you my test papers... my printer makes not only marks... but prints a bird!

  4. oh that is too cool, and I can't wait to see it!