Monday, December 20, 2010

holiday spirit

Dutifully, I made these drawings for some of our holiday cards this year.  I'm especially in love with the snow bunnies.  If you want to see these up close, click on the image for an enlargement in a new window.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

urban yoga

I practice yoga.  I am also a designer - of clothing no less.  I find yoga clothing to be wonderfully functional, however scripted and often more athletic than I desire.  When I'm headed to yoga, I'm not headed to "work out," but I'm headed to a place and time where I hope to practice the alignment of both my physical and mental states.  To me, it's just different than working out.

Lately, when I get ready for Yoga, I put on my snug-fitting, not-going-to-tangle-my-half-bind top and pants.  Then I query my closet for the outer layer just for wearing on the way to/from the yoga studio and usually I find the assortment of hoodies and jackets that I wear running, riding my bike, and to work out...  not really the yoga attitude I'm looking for.  Granted, who cares?  Well, I do.  I'm a designer of clothing, I want to look like the person I want to be in the world, and I think by dressing in certain ways, we "look the part" and therefore, feel the part. 

I should also add, that I live in an urban environment and I want the style of my yoga clothing to correlate with a more urban look.  Does this just mean using gray fabric and minimalist detailing?  Maybe, maybe not.  I think that's my opinion.  So, I do hope that other urban yogis might agree!  Here I present the urban yoga jacket made from terry-faced gray fleece (soft as sheep on the inside!). 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

circle skirt party skirt

 This is the new black party skirt available at the Yes Please More Pop-up store (Denver Pavilions Mall on 16th St. Denver). 

Complete with a tulle underskirt for added loft, this circle skirt is the perfect twirl.  The high waist accentuated by a smart ruffle makes for go-to party-wear.