Monday, September 8, 2008

pattern installation

Yesterday's hard work produced this new PATTERN INSTALLATION at Bradbury's Cafe on North Hamilton St. in Madison Wisconsin. This unique cafe is housed on the first floor of a multistory building and it's seating area is surrounded by tall glass walls and large concrete pillars and beams. There's not much space for art installation, so this idea, materialized while drinking a lovely latte, uses the concrete for what it can offer. The pattern is applied using a slightly darker shade of gray chalk pastel. The potato leaf vines are indicative of the cafe's logo and the flocks of birds are indicative of my own work. I hope you'll stop by the cafe soon to enjoy espresso, local fresh food (crepes - the specialty), and now a modified aesthetic! Thanks is in order for Jill and Josh Makoutz : owners and good people.

Here are some photos of the installation. Check out Flickr to see some of my other recent projects.

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