Wednesday, July 23, 2008

action shots - Progress Report

Progress Report in progress.

See more photos from the show on hol sum's flickr set for Progress Report.

Thanks to Nick Mancusi and Christian Butler, the above time-lapse photo stream is a nice Quicktime movie for your viewing pleasure! I think this work in action lends understanding for the work as a potentially growing form constantly fed by the creative endeavors of students and faculty in Taliesin's Hillside Studio. This project was a great success! I am very grateful to everyone at Taliesin Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture for participation, support, and enthusiasm. I'm especially thankful for the work and support of Saskia Jorda, friend and artist, who organizes TARP, the Taliesin Artist in Residence Program. Thank you again to Nick Mancusi for his photography and to Eric Baillies for his photography. This was a well documented show.

Progress Reported.

Ian and Noah check out the show with Dad, Floyd Hamlin.

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  1. The Time lapse photo is very cool ....